Friday, January 14, 2011

Bruin blogger gets racial on P.K. Subban

In having a blog, especially one that supports a specific sports team, I shouldn't be surprised to receive the odd piece of hate mail.  

Yesterday, a comment was posted by the "Big Bad Bruins" blog ( under the "Auld Fired Up" article. Because of the content, I've debated how to handle it. I was originally going to delete the comment and forget about it, but have since decided that since it was willingly posted on a public blog, that Big Bad Bruins needs to be called out and held accountable. 

Here's what Big Bad Bruins had to say: 

(Note that I've added the asterisks; the original comment was unedited.)

"Is this a f*****g joke , is this a hab clan for all you c**ksuckers to rally together , just face it pitsburgh kicked your ass lastnight and Fleury mocked your piece of shit goalie , and for PK n****r Subban i would skin him on the ice at the bell centre then wear his big n****r lips on a necklace , GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BRUINSSSSS !!!!

Upon first reading the comment, a number of things first came to mind. It was either posted by some juvenile that managed to stay up past his bedtime on mommy's computer, trying to get a rise out of me, or by someone who quite possibly believes the kind of hate that he left on my blog. 

Either way, he/she isn't the sharpest tack in the box. The person in question posted the comment using their Blogger ID, instead of posting anonymously or under a fake name, so it was easily traced back to the Big Bad Bruins blog. Following my natural curiosity, I decided to check it out. There's an article about the Hab/Penguin game that seemed rather well written, especially considering the style of the original comment, so I pumped it into a Google search. As it turns out, it was lifted from a story that originally posted on (

So not only is the person that runs the Big Bad Bruins blog a racist bigot, they're a thief, too.

It's a shame that people like this need to spill their venom in the name of a sports rivalry. I have several Bruins fans as friends, and although the teasing and needling between us can at times get quite heated, it's always understood that it's good-natured and all in the name of fun. "Boston Bruins Blog" crossed that line, and has now been exposed for what he/she is.

Bobby Orr deserves a better breed of fan.


Topham said...



You know it. Out of curiosity, I tried accessing his blog again, and was met with a notice saying that it was unavailable. Those Blogger folks sure work fast!

Anonymous said...

Good on ya for calling them out.

Danno said...

Hard to believe. We are all diminished by this hatred. A certain amount of razzing and ribbing is understandable. But this crosses the way over the line of what is acceptable.

Anonymous said...

It`s obvious to me that this ``person`` is soooo ticked off that the Bruins are beating teams by high scores,BUT can`t seem to be able to beat the habs.
It`s unfortunate that racism is forum chosen by this person.
Lets all hope that this is NOT a parent.(poor kid)