Friday, November 5, 2010

Road trip!

Sadly, they were all out of Wagonqueen Family Truckers

"If you have to go, please do it before we leave."

Those were the words of wisdom from my mom before we hit the road for a family road trip. You see, once we got going my dad didn't like to make rest stops. Like a pit bull on a chihuahua, he wouldn't let go until the job was done. Come hell or high water, we'd be whizzing in a washroom that didn't have a hand dryer or sell questionable products for a couple of quarters. If you didn't go before you left the house, then you held it. When I was young, I always figured that's why they invented adult diapers.

Tonight, Centre Hice embarks on what promises to be another memorable road trip. No Wagonqueen Family Truckers. No corpses tied to the roof. Hopefully no adult diapers. And sadly, probably no hot blonds in Ferraris to help the pass time. But what we will have is the Habs... twice!

First stop tonight is in Buffalo, the spiritual home of the chicken wing. It's too bad that the Detroit legal department was on their trademarkin' toes, because Buffalo Chicken Wings would have been an awesome name for a hockey team. The Mighty Ducks would have had nothing on them.

First reports are that Ryan Miller won't be in goal for the ex-Slugs tonight. That is good. Instead, Patrick Lalime should be getting the start. That is bad. A French Canadian goalie--and a backup, at that--facing the Canadiens. They may as well save the Zamboni gas and only flood one end of the rink. Add to that the news that Thomas Plekanec left the rink before the morning skate and is doubtful tonight with flu-like symptoms, and, well, it'll be a good thing that they sell Molson tallboys at the HSBC.

Of course, we could also be in for another finish like this:

Suck on that, Rick Jeannerat.

After tonight, it's up the four-oh-one to hook up with the Habs Inside/Out crew for the annual HI/O Fan Summit as the Habs take on the Senaturds (again). There will be arena tours, dinner and shit-shooting with some great Hab fans, a game, plenty of drinks (win or lose) and possibly the odd arrestable offense.

If Centre Hice doesn't spend all of its bail money on cheap beer and cheaper women, a full report of the weekend's activities will be forthcoming.

Go Habs Go!!!

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